310 John Street East (off the Riverbend Inn & Vineyards Driveway) Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Telephone: 905-468-3519

Newark Neighbours Food Bank & Thrift Shop

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Our Board Members

Laura Gibson
Laura retired from an Executive
position of a Telecommunications Company where she oversaw the Sales & Marketing operations.  Laura is passionate about community service, and is proud to be part of the Newark Neighbours' Team. 
Vice Chair:
Suzanne Vaillant
Suzanne has lived in St Davids  for 6 years. She retired from a Telecommunications Company after serving on their governance team for 13 years. Passionate about volunteering  in this great community and enjoys  bowling with NOTL lawn bowling club.
Food Bank:
Marion Ollerhead
Marion is a retired Registered Nurse
and has been a resident of NOTL for 38 years. She has volunteered with NN for
the past 7 years and is starting her third
year on the Board.
Building Maintenance: Susan Sparrow-Mace

Susan and her family moved from Oakville to Niagara on the Lake in 2013. Susan retired from her entrepreneurial business in 2011.As well as operating

a successful retail store for 26 years, Susan enjoyed volunteering with

non-profit organizations such as

The Oakville Suzuki Organization and Thistle Oaks Child Care Centre.

Elaine Baitinger
Originally from Ottawa, Elaine worked 36 years in federal government, primarily in HR & Systems. Now retired, other than volunteering at Newark on Wednesdays, she enjoys golfing, walking the dog, cooking & the occasional wine tasting!  

Board members are elected, by our members,

at the annual general meeting, for 2 year terms with a 2 term maximum. 


This year’s annual general meeting was held:


Friday April 5, 2019 at 1:00 pm

at the Virgil Arena (Mary Snider Room)