Food Bank Assistance Program


The first step in accessing the Newark Neighbours food bank is an interview to determine eligibility. For this, you will need to bring the following:

Identification for ALL family members

  • Copy of Drivers Licence or Health Cards of family members

Proof of income and expenditures                      

  • Notice of Assessment for the current tax year

  • Copy of Mortgage of Rental Agreement

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) if no income

Proof of current address (hydro/gas bills)

  • You must be a resident of Niagara-on-the-Lake to qualify 

  •  Copy of Gas or Hydro bill containing your name and address

Please complete and bring the following forms with you on your first visit.

  1. Client Registration

  2. Proof of Income

  3. Dependents

This information is required for your

interview appointment at Newark Neighbours (and there is a mandatory annual update requirement).

At each visit, you must always provide ID

with proof of address. Please notify Newark Neighbours promptly of any changes.

Allotted food visits are every two weeks.

If there are extenuating circumstances or emergencies, please call 905/468-3519 and we will review and coordinate ASAP.  You will be required to call at least one day in advance to notify us when you will be arriving for your two week groceries.

food bank groceries

What You Receive


Newark Neighbours is able to provide its clients with an assortment of non-perishable foods. All food orders are based on the size of the family requirements. Theses items may vary depending on the stocks or donations at each visit.

Please notify us in advance of any special needs or dietary requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Newark Neighbours bases qualifications to our program on the latest guidelines provided by Statistics Canada​

2019 Low-Income Cut-Off Rates (LICO) before taxes - for communities less than 30,000


Size of family unit:

1 person        20,696

2 persons      25,764

3 persons      31,673

4 persons      38,457

5 persons      43,617

6 persons      49,193

7 or more      54,769

Special meals

We are also pleased to provide special ingredients to make a holiday meal for each of the following holidays; Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Registration dates and deadlines will be provided to qualifying clients in advance​​

e. It's easy.

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If you require assistance and live outside this area, please contact one of the following groups:

Community Care of St. Catharines:  (905)-685-1349

Project Share (Niagara Falls):  (905)-357-5121

Niagara College: Nourishing Minds Program:

Women 4 Women:  (905) 687-4848

The Raft:  (905) 984-4365

Newark Neighbours has the right to refuse anyone

who abuses the system with misinformation or who disrespects our volunteers.